10 reasons why you should use the services of a recruiting agency

Most often, when it comes to recruiting, companies follow a single pattern — to hire an HR manager, task him with finding people for the right position and wait until such a person appears. And although this approach is used everywhere, it cannot be said that it always brings the desired result. The business is becoming dependent on the success of the HR manager, the business is not confident that HR specialists will be able to close the desired position on time or will be motivated to do it as efficiently as possible. In addition, no one cancels the subjectivity of the candidate’s choice, the recruiter’s technical savvy and banal fatigue.

Companies turn to recruiting agencies to increase their chances of closing a position on time or finding a suitable candidate. Jobnet recruiting agency services imply objectivity in the selection of a candidate through the involvement of several specialists at the same time, as well as through the use of a wide range of recruiting tools. But that’s not the only benefit of using recruiting agencies to fill a job. Here are 7 reasons why employers turn to Jobnet services.

1. Own resume database that you will not find in the public domain

By entrusting the search for employees to professionals from a recruiting agency, you get access to an extensive database of candidates. Many highly qualified specialists and managers do not post their own resumes in the open access, but send them directly to the desired position or to a recruiting agency in order to find a position suitable for their experience. Therefore, some of these databases are exclusive and include specialists who are difficult to find using the usual tools of HR managers.

If you are interested in narrow-profile specialists and professionals with unique work experience, then Jobnet recruiters will conduct the necessary market research and promptly provide you with lists of candidates using advanced personnel search and headhunting techniques. Jobnet recruiters do not wait for a candidate to apply for a vacancy, but immediately start calling potential candidates to select the most suitable specialist for the specified position.

2. Saving time of your employees, the ability to concentrate on other tasks

It is important to note that not every company has the capacity and resources to retain full-time HR specialists who will constantly be engaged in recruiting. For example, among small businesses, the practice is widespread when the owner himself is engaged in the selection of employees. This process takes a lot of time and effort, and also distracts from the development of the business itself.

Transferring recruiting agency tasks for recruiting personnel or closing a particular position allows you to save time and solve the problem of recruiting personnel overnight. To get a cool specialist, it is enough to formulate an application for search in the Jobnet recruiting agency as concretely as possible, and then go about your business.

For a business that has its own recruiting department, third-party agency services are also helpful in that you get an outside perspective and can speed up the hot job closing process.

3. Lower cost of finding a potential candidate

Although the issue of price is always individual and depends on the market situation or the specification of an individual position, there are a number of economic advantages to using the services of a recruiting agency.

Most people think it’s cheaper to hire their own recruiter. But as practice shows, this is far from the case, because search tools are also needed. Placing a job and keeping it relevant is not cheap. And such vacancies may not be one or two. If there is a need for an active search, then you can get access to open databases of candidates on job search sites, which is also an expensive service.

In addition to its own database, Jobnet recruiting agency has unlimited access to open databases of candidates, which allows you to reduce business costs for basic recruiting. In addition, the recruiting agency conducts its own market analysis to select the most suitable candidate using Executive Search and networking techniques that may not be available to businesses.

4. Focus on the selection of a «long-term» employee

Your recruiter is an integral part of your team. He has an understanding that the search for employees is his main task. However, hired HR professionals sometimes neglect to find a “long-term” employee who won’t leave in a couple of weeks or months. If this happens, then the process of searching for a candidate will simply start over.

In turn, Jobnet provides a guarantee for the replacement of an employee. This means that the recruiting agency is only interested in the customer getting a “long-term” employee who will work in his company for as long as possible. If for an ordinary HR specialist, replacing an employee is a work routine, then for a recruiting agency it is a financial loss. That is why the recruiting agency is focused on the reliable result and the most suitable candidate.

5. No effect ‘’tired recruiter’’

Very often, if a recruiter is faced with a vacancy that cannot be filled for a long time, then he ceases to be confident in the possibility of finding an employee with the necessary skills and experience. As a result, the requirements for the candidate are reduced and the goal is not to find a suitable employee, but to fill a vacancy by any candidate who is now. A similar situation can happen to both a beginner and an experienced recruiter.
Jobnet recruiting agency guarantees the completion of each vacancy and finding a specialist who is as close as possible to the portrait of the required employee drawn up by the employer.

6. Recruiting privacy

If your “colleagues in the industry” find out that you are openly poaching their employees, then reputation and business losses cannot be avoided. In order to get a highly qualified specialist into your team and to lure him away from competitors, the services of professional recruiting companies that have Executive Search and headhunting services are perfect.

All risks are with the agency. The recruiting company, observing the confidentiality agreement, will refer to its contacts both in the advertisement of the vacancy and in the initial interviews with applicants. The employer will remain incognito, and therefore his reputation.

7. Additional services that the company cannot provide on its own

Jobnet recruiting specialists are constantly exploring new technologies for searching and evaluating candidates, which allows them to best study the competencies of a specialist.

For example, in addition to recruiting a specialist, Jobnet recruiting agency provides additional services that allow you to filter out inappropriate candidates. A recruiting company can conduct all types of candidate checks, if required by the customer: polygraph, verification of recommendations, testing of professional skills, drawing up a psychological portrait, and others.

8. A look from the outside and an objective analysis

While there are many advantages to having your own HR department in a company, there may also be at least one other significant disadvantage — bias. In the HR department, after a certain time of joint work, opinions and stereotypes can be formed regarding how candidates should be evaluated. This can make the assessment quite subjective, leading to a decrease in the quality of the employees hired or the speed of hiring.

The services of a recruiting company can add objectivity to the assessment of a candidate, since only professional qualities that correspond to the desired portrait of a potential employee are assessed in the selection of personnel. By using the services of a recruiting agency, you get an impartial assessment of the candidate.

9. Availability of executive search services

Recruiting a leadership is a rather difficult task for a full-time HR specialist, since, first of all, he can assess how comfortable it is to work with a candidate, and not his professional skills. And in some cases, this can negatively affect the company, as well as competent, but “inconvenient” candidates can be eliminated.

A recruiting agency selects a person for the position of a leader, primarily relying on the skills and experience of the candidate, and not on what kind of “friend” he can become.

In addition, in the selection of leadership, separate methods are used that are aimed at highly qualified employees. As a result, you get a professional who fully meets the requirements without bias when evaluating a candidate.

10. Parallel recruiting opportunity

Hiring several HR specialists at once to fill one vacancy is rarely necessary, but often becomes a problem due to the fact that each recruiter may have their own personal criteria for evaluating a candidate. As a result, viewing a resume by several specialists can lead to an extremely inefficient use of company resources.

Recruiting agencies employ standardized concurrent recruiting techniques to more efficiently distribute search and engagement sources, which can lead to faster closing times. Using the services of a recruiting company, you get an organized recruitment process according to a proven methodology.

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