Working methods

Jobnet is a team of highly qualified recruiters who will help you with recruiting in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. We use advanced methods of searching for candidates, select potential employees according to the criteria of the customer, analyze the personal characteristics of the candidate, and also assess his professional skills. Thanks to such an integrated approach, the employer receives a motivated employee who has the potential for long-term fixation in the required position.

Regardless of whether you need narrow-profile specialists or generalists, the Jobnet recruiting agency will still conduct a thorough analysis of the candidate and his competencies, and will also promptly provide you with information about the recruiting process.

Operating procedure

  1. Application from the employer for cooperation and description of the required position;
  2. Joint drawing up of a portrait of the ideal employee in the desired position;
  3. Compilation of search sources (depends on the position and industry);
  4. The process of searching for a candidate, based on an agreed employee profile;
  5. Selection of final candidates based on personal interviews with a recruiting agency, passing special tests and checking recommendations;
  6. Presentation of the finalists to the customer with a detailed description of each candidate;
  7. Interviewing the finalists with the employer;
  8. An employee’s exit to work and payment for the services of a recruiting agency.

How are candidates selected?

  • Interviewing to form the general characteristics of the candidate;
  • Point assessment of employee motivation and personal characteristics;
  • Competence testing based on modeling possible situations in the position held;
  • Passing special tests to check professional skills (depending on the position and industry);
  • Analysis of recommendations for reliability and compliance with the necessary skills.

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