Сandidate assessment

Jobnet uses a special set of methods to assess the professional and personal qualities of a candidate, which allows you to find the most suitable people for a specified position. With our professional recruiting team, employers can find top managers, middle managers, and IT professionals who will be a valuable asset for their company. A targeted search for a candidate takes place according to the individual requirements of the employer.

To select the most suitable candidate, it is not enough just information about the age of the potential candidate, his education and work experience.

Deeper assessment of the candidate requires additional techniques. When recruiting, Jobnet uses the following candidate assessment methods:

  • Interviewing to form the general characteristics of the candidate;
  • Point assessment of employee motivation and personal characteristics;
  • Competence testing based on modeling possible situations in the position held;
  • Passing special tests to check professional skills (depending on the position and industry);
  • Analysis of recommendations for reliability and compliance with the necessary skills;
  • Passing test tasks.

In-depth assessment of a potential candidate will allow the employer to find an employee who is more in line with the corporate norms of the customer’s company.

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