Recruitment - Executive search

The Executive Search service mainly involves the selection of candidates from top management who work in leading companies and are competitors of the customer. The role of the recruiting company is to motivate the candidate to move from the competing company to the customer’s company.

How a recruiter works with Executive Search:

  1. Preliminary consultation with a client regarding a potential candidate;
  2. Research of the client’s business area;
  3. Drawing up a list of companies to find suitable candidates;
  4. Negotiations with candidates;
  5. Checking candidates for compliance with the criteria set by the customer;
  6. Conducting interviews of candidates with an employer;
  7. Signing a contract.
  8. Assistance to a specialist in adaptation to a new place of work.

When attracting top talent who are applying for positions in the company’s management, the usual attraction of attention through advertisements or posting a vacancy gives minimal return. Therefore, in this case, the Executive Search method is used, which implies a more complex process of interaction with the candidate and a longer negotiation process. This method works best for finding top specialists in their field.

What does a recruiter need to successfully fill a vacancy using Executive Search?

  • A clear job description;
  • Working out the profile of a potential candidate, understanding the tasks of a specialist and expected results;
  • Assessment of how realistic it is to fill a vacancy according to the set criteria;
  • Assessment of the financial achievements of the client’s company to attract a potential candidate.
  • Drawing up a psychological portrait of the management of the customer’s company for the selection of a candidate with whom the management will be comfortable working;
  • Understanding the position of the customer’s company in the market to identify competitors and select suitable specialists from this area;
  • Checking the recommendations of a potential candidate;
  • Candidate presentation.


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