IT recruiting

Technical candidates are recruited with the help of a technical recruiter who has an excellent understanding of the IT industry, which makes it possible to more realistically assess the candidate’s competence, skills and work experience. If necessary, candidates can undergo multilevel testing and interviews to check the level of hard skills and identify the soft skills required by the customer.

We are engaged in the selection of IT specialists for the following positions:

  • Developer (Java, PHP, Front End, C ++, JS, etc.);
  • QA Tester;
  • Data Science;
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning;
  • Web Design;
  • Project Manager;

What do we look at when looking for IT professionals?

Experience, successful and unsuccessful projects — we are looking for a candidate who has experience in a similar position, and also has a number of successful projects to automate or optimize business processes. Analysis of unsuccessful projects will help to better characterize human behavior in a crisis situation.

Professional knowledge — we are looking for a candidate who has the necessary knowledge to complete the required work front or successfully complete a project.

Personal qualities — we evaluate the system of values ​​and ambitions of the candidate that correspond to the goals of the customer.

Recommendations — we identify the sources for obtaining recommendations and the reliability of the information received.

How do we find candidates?

Executive Search — the use of this method implies the search for IT specialists from the client’s area who work in competitive companies and donor companies in order to motivate them to move to the client’s company.

Networking — using this technique, you can form a more trusting attitude of the candidate, speed up the search process and get more reliable information about his competencies.

Social networks — establishing business relationships with potential candidates, as a result of which a more accurate psychological portrait of a potential employee can be formed.

As a result of the work done, the customer receives not only the final list of candidates who are most close to the formed portrait of the ideal employee, but also their strengths, recommendations from previous jobs, as well as a description of value systems, goals and ambitions for the chosen position.

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