Recruitment of Middle managers

Middle managers are local specialists who know how to properly delegate assignments and create an effective team to accomplish assigned tasks. Middle managers are tacticians and coordinators who are experts in their field and know how to take responsibility for the actions of their unit.

What do we look at when looking for middle managers?

  • Experience, successful and unsuccessful cases — we are looking for a candidate who has experience in the position presented according to the customer’s criteria, and also has a number of achievements, which allows us to assess the degree of competence of the candidate. Responding to unsuccessful cases will allow you to better characterize a person’s behavior in a crisis situation.
  • Professional knowledge — we are looking for a candidate who has a deep understanding of business processes in his area of ​​responsibility and knows how to look for ways to optimize them.
  • Personal qualities — we evaluate the system of values ​​and ambitions of the candidate that correspond to the goals of the customer.
  • Recommendations — we identify the sources for obtaining recommendations and the reliability of the information received.

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