Staff screening

The screening service consists in the rapid recruitment of personnel according to individual job criteria, such as qualifications, knowledge of certain technologies, areas of activity, or work experience in a particular area. The screening aims to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. The recruiting company in this case provides the customer with a list of resumes as a result of the initial selection of candidates. Further closing of the vacancy is carried out by the client.

When is the use of screening most effective?

  • Quick search for common profile employees (salespeople, blue-collar workers, secretaries)
  • The employer has a clear candidate profile or detailed job description
  • The customer provides a good salary and working conditions to a potential candidate

Why you should use screening:

  • Cheaper than full-fledged recruiting;
    You pay for the vacancy, not for the candidate;
    Saving time for the initial selection of candidates;
    You will receive a resume that best suits your requirements.

Screening Sequence

  1. Filling out an application for finding a candidate with a description of the requirements and working conditions;
  2. Coordination of conditions and signing of an agreement with a recruiting company;
  3. Selection of candidates according to customer requirements and active promotion of vacancies to attract potential candidates;
  4. Collection of resumes that meet the customer’s requirements (assessment of the personal qualities of the candidate is not included);
  5. Conducting telephone interviews with potential candidates to clarify professional experience, skills and salary expectations;
  6. Preparing a resume package for potential candidates and sending information to the client;
  7. Selection by the customer of a suitable candidate from the submitted CVs.

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